Meet Lea

Leah Cohen Arazi is an expert artist with 20 years of experience in modern art, calligraphy and painting.  Leah studied at the best Israeli institutes of art under the guidance of well-known artists.  She learnt the most recent and ancient techniques and with time has developed her own, utilizing her special talent in this specific artistic field using textures, colours and styles..



In her work, Leah combines with great talent, the ancient, old art with more contemporary modern styles.  She works with parchments, oil paintings and canvas to create a unique combination in the world of art.  Leah’s work represents the influence and inspiration she gets from Jewish text, culture and ancient art. 

Leah uses a unique technique to illustrate and embellish text on parchment and canvas, using 23K gold leaves. It brings the text to life and adds a special dimension, meanings and excitement which enables the viewer to connect with the composition.

Leah’s passion for painting goes far beyond the personal pleasure and artistic satisfaction.  She utilises her talent to lecture in various art academies across Israel and inspires many young artists. She gives a variety of courses in painting and calligraphy to all ages. 

Her work is sold in Galleries around the world and in private. 

Leah’s Work

Leah has two main styles she is specialising in. 

Parchment Works - These pieces are done on parchment, which represent authentic writing with special calligraphy styles, embellished with 23K gold illustrations and décor.  These works cleverly combine the ancient with the modern, creating a free spirit and connecting the viewer with the past adding a twist of modern touch.

Oil Paintings - Leah’s oil paintings on canvas adorned with text, combines with a 3D, 23K gold ornaments.  Preparing the text with gold is a technique that requires special skills achieved with much practice and experience.  Leah Cohen Arazi specialises in such art and calls it the ‘triangle of text, gold and oil’ on canvas which is her unique concept.  

Prints - Lea's Prints on canvas are available at two different sized and also available with or without Lea's Hand Embellishment with Gold Leaves (As seen Below), which add a special look and feel to each print. All Lea's prints are HAND SIGNED by Lea and are created in Jerusalem by Jerusalem Fine Art Prints, one of the leading artists' studios in Israel.